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Jajaja NBA Questionable Call

Jajaja: Chris Broussard Confirms LeBron’s 1st Person Essay Announcing Cavs Decision

Chris Broussard LeBron Cavs Confirm


In one of the most ridiculous moves in the history of sports journalist, ESPN basketball analyst Chris Broussard confirmed to viewers that LeBron James did indeed decide to take his talents to the Cleveland Cavaliers after releasing a 1st person essay via Lee Jenkins and Sports Illustrated on Friday morning.

After news broke on the twitterverse of the move, several minutes later Broussard acknowledged that LeBron was indeed telling the truth with this tweet:

Broussard also confirmed the announcement to ESPN viewers, as if this made he seem at all more incredible for telling people shit that they already knew was true. 

Still waiting for Broussard to confirm that Andrew Wiggins was the Cavs number one pick in the 2014 NBA Draft and that Cleveland is one of the shittiest cities in the union. 


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