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Jajaja NFL Questionable Call Swag Video

Jajaja: Chiefs Safety Eric Berry “…Don’t Mess With Horses, Bruh!”


Chiefs safety Eric Berry decided to get wired up during a recent game leading to one of the most skilarious pieces ever put together by the good folks of NFL Films, as Berry dealt with his Equinophobia — fear of horses.

In conveying his fear of horses to various teammates, Berry also delivers one of the more legendary lines in sports history:

“Awe hell nah, there go that horse, I don’t f*ck with that horse…I don’t mess with horses, bruh” (some have inaccurately transcribed this as either “bro” or “brah”)

Whilst some were quick to clown Berry’s fear, some can understand where he is coming from, because horses look weird as shit.

Seriously, look at one up close, jawn (jajaja) is kinda scary-looking.

I myself suffer from an extreme cause of Squareophobia, which as you could have guessed is the fear of both squares and the square mentality.

Video of Berry dealing with his fear of horses after the jump…


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