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Jajaja: Charles Barkley Clowns LeBron’s Hairline (Again) During Spurs-Heat Game


Charles Barkley went from the studio to the sidelines on Thursday, serving as special color commentator/sideline reporter for TNT’s Spurs-Heat game, and managed to continue to clown reigning MVP LeBron James in the process.

During the action Barkley took some time out to praise LeBron for his oncourt dominance and acting skills in one of his new Samsung Galaxy Note II commercials, featuring LeBron and crew visiting a local Miami barbershop.

Barkley came through with the following bit of hilariousness/LeBraterade:

LeBron’s the best rebounder, he’s the best scorer, he the best passer…first of all he’s a great actor too…you seen his commercial? it’s a great commercial, and I mean the acting part is him going to the barbershop…if he going in the barbershop he getting bamboozled and hoodwinked…

Although it was some blatant clowning, Barkley did manage to raise a question that I’m sure many had when watching the commercial — after all the clowning that LeBron has received for his hairline, why do a promo with him getting his hair cut?

Barkley went HAM on LeBron earlier this year, mocking his headband placement and advising the best player in basketball to come on home and shave his head like Barkley and other notable superstars like Michael Jordan and Shaq did during their careers.

Needless to say, LeBron ain’t paying attention to any of that mambo jahambo, and appears to have finally made his next move his best one and gotten that hairline artificially enhanced.

Video of Charles Barkley clowning LeBron’s hairline during the Spurs-Heat game after the jump…


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