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Jajaja: Brent Musburger Way Too Thirsty For A.J. McCarron’s Main Boo and Mom During BCS National Championship Game


Legendary play-by-play man Brent Musburger was just a tad too thirsty for A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb, and mom Dee Dee Bonner during the BCS National Championship game.

During the game, ESPN cameras cut to a shot of Webb and Bonner chilling in the stands, creating what many perceived as an uncomfortable moment as Musburger, who is old enough to be Webb’s grandpa, went off on how beautiful she is before encouraging young kids in Alabama to strive to become the Crimson Tide’s QB so they pull a dime of her caliber.

Even Kirk Herbstreit was a little uncomfortable with Musburger’s barrage of compliments, in addition to a few moans and groans that gave the perception that Musburger may have been full hogg (or as full as a hogg can be at that age) looking at Webb, who is the current Miss Alabama.

[via @cjzero]


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