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Jajaja: Blake Griffin Travels Goes Back To The Future and Tells Kid Him To Work on Free Throws…A LOT


Clippers All-Star forward Blake Griffin and Kia didn’t to link up yet again, just in time for the start of the NBA season to promote the new Kia Optima, with the former dunk champion using his Kia to travel back to the future.

Griffin travels all the way back to 1995, where he finds a younger version of himself inexplicably hanging off of a basketball rim, before proceeding to try and sell the kid Blake Griffin on buying a Kia Optima.

Present day Blake Griffin leaves himself with a bit of legendary and pertinent advice:, “work on your free throws…A LOT.”

Decent commercial, but the only way I’m rolling in a Kia is if Rihanna’s driving.

Video of Blake Griffin’s new Kia commercial after the jump…


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