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Jajaja: Kevin Love Gets Caught Slipping After Delivering Ultimate #GotEm to Team USA


In a proverbial swag wonton soup of global superstars, Kevin Love has emerged as a bonafide legend, mastering social media to deliver, and participate in, some extraordinary content, giving fans an inside look into Team USA’s olympic experience, with an emphasis on the lighter side.

Love asserted himself as dominant force with arguably the most legendary photo in USA basketball history, featuring nearly the entire squad passed out on a plane as a part of continuing the #GotEm phenomenon made famous by Clippers center DeAndre Jordan.

But considering the egos that Love is playing with we all knew that it would only be a matter of time before players got some revenge.

And Deron Williams and Russell Westbrook did just that, catching Love slipping on a team bus in the midst of a nap and snapping up a quick pic like when that lottery is at a solid number.


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