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Jajaja: 50 Cent Gives Legendary Reporter Elie Seckbach Solid Gut Check at Mayweather’s Gym


Legendary embedded reporter Elie Seckbach has been dominating the boxing scene for the past few years and during a recent visit to Floyd Mayweather’s gym in Las Vegas Seckbach got a special surprise from Mayweather’s main damie 50 Cent in the form of a solid gut check.

Obviously 50 Cent was just joking around with Seckbach and delivered the combo after being asked if he would ever consider a career in boxing.

50 Cent proceeded to give Seckbach a courtesy two-piece (with no biscuit) to the gut, much to the reporter’s surprise as onlookers cracked up at the move.

Had the punches been real, then guaranteed Seckbach would have tried to get a piece of those hundreds of millions that 50 is sitting on.

[via EsNewsReporting]

Video of 50 Cent giving Seckbach a gut-check after the jump…


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