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Damn Homie…You Can’t Watch TV in Jail

Mark Ingram, not the RB for Alabama – his dad, was arrested last night for not showing up to start his jail sentence. His reason for dodging the cops, he wanted to watch his son play in the Sugar Bowl. Now that is what we call a JerseyChaser father.

Ingram was on the run since December 5th, coincidentally the same day he was supposed to start a 7 year bid in the pen for money laundering. He was set up by snitch and caught trying to wash $100,000 in dirty money for some drug dealers in Florida, who turned out to be the police.

The triv part is he was arrested by the Federalies in a motel just as he was sitting down to watch the game on TV. So he did not even get to watch the game, not so bad seeing his son only had 26 yards on 8 carries in the loss. Damn homie you used to be a Super Bowl winning star widereciever…


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