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It’s Great To Be A Gator

The Florida Gators are once again in the running for the BCS National Championship after a BIG win over the Georgia Bulldogs. Smashing them on the National stage, the Florida Gators showed all the doubters why they are one of the hottest college football teams in the nation.

Coming into the game with a high powered offense featuring overrated ESPN favorite, Matt Stafford at QB, and the most exciting RB in the nation Knowshon Moreno. It was clear who the ESPN staff favored in their pregame talks, comparing Stafford to Marino, Elway, and Romo. He has put up decent numbers, but nothing spectacular or even tops in the nation (the award for that goes to Colt McCoy).

Meanwhile Urban Myer’s Gator team were just taking this in all week. By placing a gag order on the team, not allowing them to talk about the “Gator Stomp” from last years game, Urban was placing a lid on a boiling pot of hot water.

A master motivator, he pinned-up all the Gators anger and frustration of last years loss and o did the Gators ever let the steam out. Opening up a can of whoop ass, that Popeye and a can of spinach could not have even stopped. Beating the Bulldogs 49-10.

And how did Urban Myer retaliate against Georgia Coach Mark Richt for ordering the code red team celebration? He made sure the Bulldogs remembered the loss by calling 2 timeouts while his offense had the ball, already up 39, and less than 3 minutes remaining in the game. Rubbing the crippling loss in the face of the Georgia team and staff. He would have rubbed it in the face of the Bulldog fans, but they had all left by halftime.

Tim Tebow showed why he should still be mentioned in the Heisman talk. In a match-up with the top QB on many peoples list, Tebow won hands down. Stafford threw 3 interceptions and no touchdowns, while Tebow went 10-13 for 154 yards and 2 TD’s, while running for another 3 TD’s and 45 yards. And let’s not forget he broke the Florida rushing touchdown record surpassing future Hall of Famer Emmit Smith. He reminded us of the Heisman Award winning Tebow of last season who scored a total of 55 TD’s both running and passing. A year that everyone seems to have oddly forgotten about. So there is no question of who the better NFL prospect is. It is Tebow because he is the better college player.

Having the highest QB rating in the SEC what more does Tebow have to do. A great person and a great player, JerseyChaser is making their vote count and nominating Tim Tebow for Heisman.

That’s our recap in words, but tune in below for the fans recap done via a camera.


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