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It Sucks To Be A (Current Or Former) Sooner Star


It sucks to be a high profile Sooner athlete as of late, with both reigning Heisman winner Sam Bradford and Clippers #1 overall pick Blake Griffin catching the injury bug. Whilst the bug that Bradford’s caught could be considered somewhere in the realm of HIV, Griffin’s is closer to a minor case of the swine flu or the clap (the one that doesn’t need applause).

Oklahoma officials announced last week that Bradford, who re-injured his throwing shoulder in the Red River Shootout, would likely miss the rest of the season. On Monday, Bradford met with the media following practice and told reporters that he plans on undergoing surgery Wednesday and then making the necessary preparations for the NFL Draft. An unceremonious end to a record-breaking career, Bradford should have probably bounced for the league last year, but came back to do his best Scotty Thurman impersonation.

Bradford is expected to miss the next 4-6 months rehabbing the shoulder. This means he will most likely miss the Combine and will have to impress teams during his individual workouts. But sadly, the injury will dramatically impact his earning potential. Bradford was once considered a #1 caliber pick, but will likely drop like it’s hot this year. How much depends on his ability to recover, but he already has the “injury-prone label,” as evidenced by the cast around his left hand in the picture above.

At least Blake Griffin has already signed his contract and plays in a league where the cheese is guaranteed. After a beastly preseason which raised the hopes of Clippers fans, aka LA’s other team, Griffin suffered a stress fracture in his knee cap after landing awkwardly following a monstrous bang-out against the Hornets Friday. It was obvious immediately that he was in a great deal of pain and noticeably limped.

Fortunately for BG and the Clippers, he will only miss about 6 weeks of action or around 20 games. This injury might actually be a good thing though as Griffin was already suffering from tendonitis in the same knee, so a little rest should do him some good. With 20 less games to play this season, Griffin should also avoid hitting the infamous rookie wall as hard as if he had to play the full 82. As any baller will tell you, it ain’t no joke.

Griffin’s sick dunk and injury against the Hornets after the jump…


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