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Isner Wins Longest Match In Wimbledon History


Forgot taking a couple of tinkles throughout the course of what turned out to be a 3-day event between American John Isner and Frenchie Nicolas Mahut, I’m surprised that neither men tapped out to drop a doozer.

All that tension from a 138-game, 8+ hour final set would most assuredly give the average tennis star the runs something fierce.

Isner eventually outlasted Mahut, winning the first-round match, but both men’s shine reached a career high. This historic event surpassed the realm of just being a tennis match and even had the casual sports-hating squar glued to the television, for at least a few of the games in the final set, to see who would crack first.

Eventually the French dude gave in, much like French dudes do, hanging his head in shame after tricking off a golden opportunity to be a winner non-loser.


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