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Is This The Last Blatant Travel Of Shaq’s Career?


After 17 mostly productive seasons, the NBA’s version of a Brett Favre saga will take place this offseason involving 38-year old Shaquille O’Neal as he decides whether to return for another year. We would say that Shaq is starting to look something like Patrick Ewing did during his days with the Sonics, but the big fella has rings and probably just about one year left of tread on his proverbial tires. Shaq has already played for 6 teams in his career and if he decides to give it a go next season he will likely be playing for lucking number 7, as the Cavs probably won’t be interested in breaking bread with the future hall of famer.

There are probably hundreds to thousands of videos just like this of Shaq traveling ridiculously, or pretty much any NBA player for that matter. The crazy part is that these dudes spend years learning how to not travel only to have to recondition their mind once that make it to the pros.


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