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Questionable Call

Introducing The Kobe Mask & Masked Mamba

[photo via @Lakers]


Following that flagrant foul by Dwyane Wade in the All-Star game that left him with a broken nose and minor concussion, Kobe Bryant didn’t miss a beat, appearing in the Lakers first game after the break Wednesday against the T-Wolves, sporting a protective mask.

The new face-wear led to a new nickname for Kobe, normally referred to as The Black Mamba, as long as Bryant wears the headgear he is going to be referred to as the “Masked Mamba.”

The mask did little to impede on Kobe’s on-court performance, as he dropped 31 points, 7 rebounds and a surprising 8 assists against a T-Wolves team on their 2nd night of a back-t0-back.

The Kobe mask is so popular, that it already has a twitter account and over 100 followers. There is no set timetable for how long Bryant will have to wear the new accessory, but hopefully he doesn’t try and pull a Rip Hamilton and wear the thing for the rest of his craeer.

Video of Kobe rocking the mask and banging over Wesley Johnson after the jump…


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