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Insta-Legend: Streaker at Ravens-Patriots Game Puts On Legendary Show


After a truly legendary (Spider-Man) streaking at the high school level popped up a few weeks ago it was only a matter of time before someone would voyage into the insta-Legend streaker status at the NFL level.

That moment came during the Ravens-Patriots Sunday Night Football game as one of the most entertaining streakers in recent memory–wearing a cape, smedium underwear and referring to himself as the Baltimore Batman, put on a show much to the Baltimore crowd’s delight.

Unlike the annoying something-like-a-streaker that got chased down by Jaguars DB Dwight Lowery last week, the Ravens caped streaker easily won over the crowd after evading several security guards and running near an endzone to mock them mightily.

Eventually the streaker was subdued and removed from the field, but fans in attendance were given a moment they probably won’t soon forget.

Video of the streaker at the Ravens-Patriots game after the jump…


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