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Insta-Legend: Dude Gets Spotted Being Extremely Thirsty After Kansas Reaches Final Four


This has to be one of the more legendary screengrabs in NCAA Tournament history. After Kansas’ thrilling victory over North Carolina, a few Jayhawks get spotted in some in some truly memorable situations.

To set the scene for you, this image appeared shortly after the final horns sounded and Kansas began to celebrate their advancing to the Final Four and both teams got the customary postgame handshake underway.

When I first started writing this article, I was focused on the black dude (that kind of looks like Kevin Hart/Young D.L. Hughley) at the top right with the ‘Legend’ arrow pointing at him.

Dude was doing a full on hood-esque sports report live from the stands, wearing the stunner shades to boot.

But the real is the slightly balding dude at the bottom of the picture with the ‘Thirsty!” arrow pointing him out. Was he actually displaying some of the most extreme thristiness imaginable,  trying to take a picture of the chicks boobs directly behind him?

I can’t blame him though, cause odds are if I was in the vicinity of this Kansas fan, I would have tried to snap up a courtesy shot as well. It’s only right.


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