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Insta-Legend: Delonte West Takes Job At Furniture Store To Make Some Bread During NBA Lockout


In case you weren’t aware, Delonte West is the essence of a Legend. West decided to take his legendariousness (it’s a real word…trust) to new heights recently, applying for and getting a job with Regency Furniture store in the Baltimore area, chronicling his journey on his twitter.

No word if Regency Furniture is serving that Rasmulberry ice tea in the break room, but I’d have to imagine that they will be sooner than later.

West had previously stated that he was trying to get a job at Home Depot to stay above water during the ongoing NBA Lockout, a move that has done much to endear him with the common man (aka the “Square), showing that he wants to continue to be a productive member of society, despite not having a day job.

This is almost as legendary as when Ron Artest decided to work at Best Buy back in the day when he was playing for the Bulls, with Ron-Ron’s decision to work a square job more notable because it was during an actual season, where his League check should have been more than enough.

[via Delonte West’s Twitter]

More pics of Delonte on the job at Regency Furniture and his beyond-legendary job application after the jump…


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