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Insta-Legend: Contractless Delonte West Tries To Recruit Deron Williams To Mavs Via Twitter


Certified legend Delonte West further added to his lore by trying to recruit one of the prized jewels of free agency, Nets guard Deron Williams with a series of tweets directed at the perennial All-Star and ardent supporter of the wave cap movement.

Late Wednesday night (Fresh Coast) or early Thursday morning (East Coast) West put on the full-court press to get Williams to Dallas with the following set of legendary tweets:

(1/4) A Dwill…u need to come to Dallas mane man…we got a chance to win a championship here dog….dirk be the best playa u ever played with..

(2/4) Real talk…I know it’s a Lil more mOney over der but u home here…fam support here… Town gon love ya…plus u got a team that can do it

(3/4) And u got d best owner in all sports…nest practice facility…and a coach that UNDERSTANDS…real dude like urself…trust me homie..

(4/4) I wouldn’t lie to ya…let’s get it…..we can win the weastern conference no problem..u 20+.. Dirk20+…when u need a breather…I gotcha

This best part about Delonte’s plea for D-Will to come to Big D, besides the blatant misspellings of “there,” “best,”  “western,” “breather,” etc. is the fact that West technically isn’t even on the team right now, only signing a one-year deal with the team after the lockout ended back in December.

Also got to love how West tells Williams that Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle is a “real dude like urself.” Classic Delonte.

That is saying something that a dude who isn’t even on the Mavs right now would go out of his way to try and help them land arguably the 2nd best player in the free agency period.

Also isn’t a bad way for West to try and let Mark Cuban and them know that he is down for the cause and worthy of another year with the Mavs.

[via @CharlieRedz13]


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