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In the Face NFL Questionable Call Swag

Insta-Legend: Any Dude That Plays Football In A Wave Cap With A Gold Watch Is Alright With Me


This is easily one of the most legendary pictures that these eyes have ever seen, which makes the dude in the picture easily worthy of insta-legend status.

The dude is taking a nap, while holding a football, wearing some white gloves and a gold wristwatch wrapped around the outside, with a solid jersey and a white hat with a wave cap flowing from the back to boot.

Now that’s a fit.

If I were playing detective, I would be inclined to believe that since this dude is passed out in front of a Wing Stop, he was probably suffering from a vicious case of that itis, known to cripple even the strongest of human, leaving them in a near coma for hours on end.

I can’t help but wonder what this dude is dreaming about, probably something having to do with serving some fools on the gridiron, or trying to make beepers fashionable again.


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