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Celebrity NBA Questionable Call Swag Video

Inside Access With The G.S.O.A.T. (Greatest Shooter of All Times) Salim Stoudamire


If you ever want an example of how cruel that life can be, look no further than the professional career of Charles Salim Stoudamire, known quite simply as the greatest shooter of his time.

Following a successful career at Arizona, Stoudamire was poised to become a hall of famer, but an unfortunate conspiracy by the NBA to limit the amount of “Real Nigs” in the League, derailed his career as coaches shunned the opportunity to acquire him out of fear of their own inadequacies.

Whilst dudes like JJ Redick continue to get an NBA paycheck, Stoudamire is on the outside looking in, much like a fat kid in front of a candy shop well-beyond closing time.

This video comes from a workout Stoudamire had back in October 2011 and should be nominated for an ESPY for best sports documentary.

I recall talking to a prominent NBA assistant coach a few years ago in regards to the hatred that Salim was receiving and all he could do was echo my sentiments that the dude was a certified bucket-getter, with a game so pristine that no team could handle him properly.

A true tragedy and travesty to say the least.

Much like Rudy’s Dad’s remarks after making his first visit to Notre Dame Stadium, watching Stoudamire shoot is, “the most beautiful thing that these eye’s have ever seen.” The flawlessness and precision at which he makes the ball go through the net makes your heart flutter.

Regardless of your schedule, we suggest watching the entire 7+ minutes of this video, so that you can gain a better understanding of what it takes to be the best.

Video of Salim Stoudamire getting buckets at his work out after the jump…


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