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In The Face/Jajaja: Paul Pierce Dunks On Channing Frye Then Stares Him Down And Gets T’d Up

Dunk Score: 9.7

(9.5 + .2 For Solid Post-Dunk Shenanigans)


It looks like Paul Pierce still has a little something in the boostie department, as evidenced by this demoralizing left-handed dunk in the grill of Suns forward Channing Frye.

Although Frye does have a history of being dunkbait, that dates back to his AAU days, he has put considerable time in the weight room and studying film to eliminate this weakness from his game.

But much like a decent Eminem album, Frye had a relapse.

After catching Frye slipping and getting the foul to boot, Pierce decided to stare-down the damn near 7-footer for several seconds, getting a technical in the process. Getting dunked on is quite humiliating, but when couple with the post-dunk-stare-down-for-tech, it can often times lead to some fisticuffs.

Frye’s dealings with the Celtics have been pretty tough this season. You may recall that in the C’s first meeting with the Suns in Phoenix back a few weeks back, Frye was the victim of an intentional meat-poking by Kevin Garnett.

Getting dunked on is nowhere near as bad as getting your hog poked by a future hall of famer. Fact.


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