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In the Face NBA Video

In The Face: Ya Da Da Ming

Starring Yao Ming as a Chinese businessman and Lebron James as a skool girl

Dunk Score: 8.5

Damnnnn. We don’t know what is worst the Cavs losing or LeBron getting dunked on by Yao. Actually it was a trick question the answer is neither because the worst part of last nights game was Ben Wallace breaking his leg. Even though he sucks the Cavs will miss him and his 6 fouls for sure. The good news is that he should only miss 4-6 weeks, which means he should be back just in time for the playoffs.

And below is our other In The Face moment from the same game, but this time its Ron Artest facializing two Cavs players. Ahhhhh yeah, take that, take that…


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