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Celebrity In the Face NBA Swag Video

In The Face x 2: The Black Mamba Skeets Venom On Emeka Okafor’s Grill + Catches Landry With The Left

Dunk Score: 8.9

(9.9 – 1 because Okafor is establsihed dunkbait)


Either Kobe Bryant was pump-faking the nation with those shady ankle claims, or he got shot up with something to ease the pain, because during the Lakers’ Game 5 win over the Hornets he looked like vintage Kobe (you know, the Kobe from back when Shaq was running the show in LA).

Kobe managed to demoralize multiple Hornets during the game, first banging on Emeka Okafor, aka “Mr. Dunkbait” with a chest-to-chest grill shot, and then catching Carl Landry slipping (like a reg-sized prophylactic on my hog) with the left.

It’s hard to hate on Kobe (and the Lake Show) when his pulling these kinds of ridiculous displays of athleticism out of his repertoire, but guaranteed that ankle is going to be chilling in ice until Game 6.

Video of Kobe’s lefty bang on Carl Landry after the jump…

Dunk Score: 9.9


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