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In The Face x 2: Javale McGee Demoralizes Jose Calderon + Blake Griffin Sharts on Channing Frye

Dunk Score: 9.9


Wow. After getting clowned by the mainstream squares for most of the season, recent Nuggets acquisition JaVale McGee is starting to show why he was such a highly-coveted addition by George Karl to the squad.

During a game against the Raptors, McGee caught Jose Calderon who was in no man’s land with no other option than to accept his fate from the basketball god’s, as the Nuggets center proceeded to demoralize his entire life with one of the most ridiculous facials of the season.

McGee’s dunk would have gotten the rare Perfect 10, but we had to deduct a point because Calderon is much smaller than McGee and also because he is a Euro and as such is prone to being “Dunkbait”

Video of Blake Griffin sharting on Suns’ forward Channing Frye in slo-motion for you (like some Juvenile ya dig) after the jump…

Dunk Score: 9.9


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