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In The Face: Tim Duncan Feeds Serge Ibaka a Full Hogg Sandwich with Extra Mayo

Dunk Score: 9.7

(9.6 + .1 for Duncan being so old)


In helping lead the Spurs to a 20-game win streak, future hall of famer Tim Duncan has showed that he still has a little left in the tank, and during his squad’s Game 2 win in the Western Conference Finals, the Big Fundamental decided to make a mockery of Serge Ibaka’s dome.

Naturally when you’re a shot blocker like Ibaka you aren’t going to block everything which means you are vulnerable to being on the wrong end of a skeet sandwich constantly, as Serge has found out throughout the bulk of his career.

But getting banged on by a dude as old as Duncan will definitely add some embarrassment to insult for Ibaka, who looks like a surefire lock to win the 2012 Dunkbait of the Year Award.


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