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In the Face NBA Video

In The Face: Ronnie Brewer’s Bang-Out On Pacers

Dunk Score: 9.9


Pacers forward Josh McRoberts has delivered a few demoralizing facials in his day (yes, white men can jump), but on Saturday the former Duke legend was on the receiving end of a nasty facial, courtesy of Bulls guard Ronnie Brewer.

Brewer caught McRoberts slipping on baseline rotation and quick-jumped him to deliver a special 2-handed grill shot with a little extra man mayo. The commentators remark following the vicious posterization are pretty solid as well, calling McRoberts out for trying to evacuate the area post bang-on, as if the cameras didn’t capture it all.

Some may scoff at Brewer getting a 9.9 for this dunk, but technically McRoberts is damn near a 7-footer, so Brewer was given a courtesy tenth of a point to reflect the heightened degree of difficulty.



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