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In the Face NBA Swag Video

In The Face: Rodney Stuckey Embarrasses Chris Bosh

Dunk Score: 9.9


I was going to put this dunk up on Wednesday, but out of respect for LeBron (coupled with a little action on the other side of town…if you know what I mean), decided to sit out on it for a day to let it marinate.

But got damn Rodney Stuckey sharted on Chris Bosh something fierce.

At damn near 7-feet tall, Bosh threw his name into “Dunkbait of the Year” contention after the 6-foot 5 Stuckey gave him a grill sandwich, right in front of LeBron who may have inadvertently gotten some residual skeet from Bosh’s dome after the dunk.

Already on pace to set the NBA record for “Most Missed Wide Open 17-Footers,” this facial is yet another black eye on Bosh’s season, but a ring will surely make everything better.


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