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In the Face NBA Swag Video

In The Face: Randy Foye Bangs On Jeff Green (Kinda)

Dunk Score: 9.6


Although recently acquired Celtics forward Jeff Green tried to fly-by the Clippers’ Randy Foye during this 2-handed bang-out Saturday night at Staples Center, the JerseyChaser council has deliberated mightily and come to the conclusion that Green did in fact get dunked on.

After Foye caught the nice dime from teammate Blake Griffin and got ready for lift-off, Green tried to play the role of spoiler/hero, racing down the court to try and get the block. Unfortunately he found out the hard way that more times than not, all trying to be a hero does is get you humiliated.

If Green was trying to gain the respect of  his new teammates, this play definitely did nothing to help his case.

Guaranteed at least one player on the Celtics remarked with something along the lines of, “Kendrick Perkins would have never let Randy Foye bang on him like that.”



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