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In the Face Questionable Call Swag Video

In The Face: Pooh Jeter Gets Demoralized By Dude In Drew League

Dunk Score: 9.8


Now what we have right here is some (pretty fly for a) white guy named Tim Trew yamming all over the life of NBA baller Pooh Jeter, during the Drew League.

The dunk would have gotten a higher score but Jeter is a little dude and was trying to take a charge (in a summer pro league?) so Trew pretty much had free reign to do whatever he wanted with a 6-7 inch height advantage.

The best part is how the game goes on hiatus after the play, as fans instinctually react to the facial by running on the floor in hysteria, whilst Jeter’s own teammates stop and reflect on what they just witnessed.

Jeter tries to downplay the magnitude of demoralization by attempting to inbound the ball as quickly as possible, but by then it was already too late.


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