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In the Face NCAA Basketball Swag Video

In The Face: Niagara’s Anthony Nelson Dunks On Square

Dunk Score: 9.9


This dude Anthony Nelson from Niagara, not to be confused with that little blue pill that sometimes gets mistaken for some exotic ecstacy or adderall, got some love from them people over at Sportscenter for humiliating some square from Marist.

The only thing I know about Marist is that it’s the home of “The Dunkin’ Dutchman” Rik Smits and the only thing I know about Niagara is that it’s by some falls but either way Nelson still deserves his 15 minutes of shine for the incredible facial he delivered.

Bet all this recent attention that Nelson has been receiving as a result of this ridic dunk will inspire him to try and catch someone else slipping.


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