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In The Face: Michelle Obama Catches Ray Allen Slipping on Dunk Cam

Michelle Obama Dunks on Ray Allen

Dunk Score: 9.7


During their visit to the White House last week, several members of the Miami Heat, including head coach Erik Spoelstra, reigning MVP LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Ray Allen participated in a promotional video for Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign which aims to fight childhood obesity.

In the midst of the shoot, the First Lady took the opportunity to feed an unsuspecting Ray Allen a skeet sammich with some extra gravy, as LeBron held up a hoop and Michelle Obama came soaring in with the one-handed dunk.

After getting dunked on by the First Lady, LeBron proceeded to give Ray Allen a mean mug before telling him, “In yo’ face!” as Michelle Obama got her clown on at the White House.


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