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In The Face: Malcolm Thomas (Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv) Tomahawks On Dude in Euroleague

Dunk Score: 10


Now what we have right here is former San Diego State star Malcom Thomas, currently playing with Maccabi Electra (Tel Aviv), completely embarrassing a dude during Euroleague with this ridiculous tomahawk dunk.

After setting a screen and slipping towards the hoop, Thomas caught the pass and got higher than a giraffe’s ass before proceeding to deliver the chest-to-chest facial, further confirming the fact that Euros have been and always will be dunkbait.

Already a basketball journeyman last season, Thomas just recently signed with Maccabi Electra, after spending most of last season in the D-League and likely making no cheese as a result.

Video of Malcolm Thomas tomahawking all over a Euro’s life after the jump…


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