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In The Face: Luol Deng Didn’t Dunk On LeBron, But Definitely In The Vicinity

Dunk Score: 10

(9.5 + .5 for dunking on the best player in the League)


Just for the record, Luol Deng didn’t actually dunk ON LeBron James. Deng was technically ahead of LeBron for the entire play, and to the average LeBrater, it may have appeared that Deng banged on the Heat’s point guard and leader.

Deng only dunked in the vicinity of LeBron, and was actually given a solid boost as LeBron tried to come from behind and get off his traditional block.

Obviously (Antoine Dodson voice) LeBron wasn’t too shaken by the near facial and bounced back nicely, leading the Heat to the 2nd Finals appearance in franchise history.


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