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In The Face: Lorenzo Mata Skeets Holy Water on Jesus “Chico” Lopez During Mexican League Finals

Dunk Score: 9.9


Now what we have here is some very rare video from Game 4 of the LBNP (Mexican League) Finals, featuring former UCLA baller Lorenzo Mata dunking all over the life of some legend by the name of Jesus “Chico” Lopez.

Mata’s UV Xalapa squad is currently trailing Toros Nuevo Laredo 3-2, but it looking to bounce back like some cooked crack (as if it ever left) with 2 home games left to get the comeback championship win.

I hit up Lo Mata to ask him to chop a little game about the play and posterizing skeet sammich he delivered:

It was game 4 of finals and I was on a mission and I knew our team need a spark.

I was pissed off from all the hacking they were doing and the refs were letting them get away with it so on that particular play I knew I was going through everyone

After the pick ‘n’ roll I saw the defender coming but I didn’t think he was going to jump and get embarrassed — he did and I got’em with the bang out and one.

The dunk  gave my team some momentum and we were able to go on to get the win.

Somebody send an oversized towel to Mexico so that Lopez can wipe Mata’s horchata off of his dome.



  1. Boos Arians February 26, 2013

    jaja i like #6’s bitter beer face.


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