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In The Face: LeBron Jumps Over John Lucas For Alley Oop

Dunk Score: 10

(11-1 because again, it’s just some standard LeBron)


During Sunday’s Heat-Bulls showdown, LeBron James may have come through with the dunk of the season, getting higher than a giraffe’s ass as he leaped over guard John Lucas en route to catching an alley oop.

Naturally, the LeBraters around the world were quick to note that Lucas is just a little guy, measuring out at about 5-foot 10 on a good day.

But anytime you jump over another human being and a dude that is actually in the League, you at least deserve some courtesy praise, even from the most diehard hater.

Of course it is nowhere near the magnitude of Vince Carter’s demoralizing jump-over dunk during the 2000 Olympics, it’s still one of the most incredible dunks that these eyes have ever seen.


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