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In The Face: LeBron Dookies On Gerald Henderson’s Dome

Dunk Score: 10


If LeBron James was a Muppet Baby, guaranteed he would be Animal because the dude is a beast. Gerald Henderson found that out the hard way Wednesday night, as he was the victim of a demoralizing skeet sandwich courtesy of The Chosen One, with the ball literally ricocheting off his dome.

In real time it appeared that LeBron’s dunk didn’t go through the hoop and the bucket technically didn’t count, but thanks to the power of replay, it was shown the the ball actually did go through the rim, bouncing off Henderson’s head before it completely went through the net .

The LeBromination occurring thus far this season is pretty much expected, like a wack chick being thirsty at a bar/nightclub.

Even after a tough game on the road against the Bobcats, the Heat are still on pace to go 66-0, but odds are they will stumble at least once or twice on their quest to perfection.

LeBron’s unofficial bang-on Gerald Henderson after the jump…


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