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In The Face: Kobe Dunks On LeBron’s Life (OMG!)

Dunk Score: 10

(9.7 + .3 for dunking on the Greatest player of all times)


Now if you’re a fan of JerseyChaser then you know, for lack of a better word, we are LeBron James d-riders. Which makes putting this video of Kobe Bryant dunking on King James during the 3rd quarter of the 2011 NBA All-Star game.

Alls I could say was, “damn.” This posterization has to be far worse(r) than any hairline jokes that LeBron has had to endure as his do keeps getting pushed back like the release of Dr. Dre’s new Detox album.

Whilst it is true that LeBron was trailing Kobe on the play, trying to get his traditional come-from-behind block, The Black Mamba still managed to just barely get high enough to squeeze in the two-handed dunk. To add insult, Kobe smacked LeBron on his cheeks following the play, cracking a smile as he ran back down the court.

Naturally all the LeBraters around the world are going to try to put some extras on the dunk and try to clown LeBron in the process, but tis whatevs.

Now somebody please send a towel to South Beach so that LeBron can wipe his face.

Kobe’s baseline reverse jam from earlier in the game, after the jump…



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