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In the Face Jajaja Video

In The Face: Kid Learns Why You Should Never Sing “Versace” Under a Hoop the Hard Way

Dunk Cam Fail

Dunk Score: 11


Now this is what you call cold-blooded right here. All this little kid was trying to do was stunt on a Vine singing Migos’ hit “Versace,” but instead he learned the hard way why its never a good idea to do anything underneath a hoop when you are technically on defense.

After realizing that he was about to get shit all over, the kid could have done the dishonorable thing and crouched down in fear, but instead tried to make a play on the ball, jumping and getting both his hands in the air to unsuccessfully attempt to alter the course of history.

But this is the type of facial that can leave some permanent damage, and hopefully the kid learned something from this ordeal.


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