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In the Face NBA Questionable Call Swag Video

In The Face: Kevin Durant Gives Ronnie Turiaf One-Handed Face Skeetering Wit’ Cheese

Dunk Score: 9.8


Sometimes when watching Kevin Durant play, you forget how ridiculously long the dude is, even though he’s a stranger to the weight room.

At 6-foot 10 with one of the most polished games for a player of his size in basketball history, the Durantula has no problem taking it the hoop with authority.

Heat forward Ronnie Turiaf found(T) this out the hard way, getting caught in between that rock and a hard place.

After realizing that Durant was going hard to the cup like a freshman orientation funky, Turiaf had no other choice but to make a half-hearted attempt at a block, knowing the a large piece of boo boo projectile was getting dropped  right at his grill.


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