In The Face: Kevin Durant Gets Block and Finishes With Coast-to-Coast Dunk in Chris Kaman’s Grill

Dunk Score: 9.9

(10 – .1 because Chris Kaman is certified Dunkbait)


The 2nd best player in the NBA, aka Kevin Durant, decided to make a mockery of the Mavs during a game Thursday night, chasing down Darren Collison and beasting what should have been an easy bucket and then going coast-to-coast and finishing it off with a dunk in Chris Kaman’s grill.

Although dunking on Kaman (better known as “Kame-On” for the wide assortment of facials that he’s been on the receiving end of ) is nothing new, Durant was only penalized with a tenth of a point deduction as opposed to the tradition two-tenths that generally gets deducted whenever Kaman gets dunked on.

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