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In The Face: Kevin Durant Gets Banged On By “The Bully” At Dyckman League

Dunk Score: 9.7


Now what we have right here is some video of Kevin Durant getting sharted during a game at the Dyckman League in NYC, by some dude nicknamed “The Bully.” The facial comes just days after the Durantula’s legendary 66-point performance at the Rucker.

Durant obviously wasn’t ready for the facial, and could be seen having a conversation in the crowd just moments before the play, as he was guarding fellow NBA’er Michael Beasley.

Durant didn’t shy away from getting yammed on, and proceeded to acknowledge that he did indeed get caught slipping, whilst always giving “The Bully” a little love with the following tweet after the game:

@FreckMac man u got me on that dunk..im coming for u tho..pause…lol good game brotha

But to be honest, Durant getting dunked on wasn’t even the highlight of this vid, that honor goes to the dude in the stands clowning Michael Beasley and calling him a bum.


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