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In the Face NBA Swag Video

In The Face: John Wall Hershey Squirts On Greg Stiemsma (aka Poor Man’s Bobby Sura)

Dunk Score: 9.9


Even though we don’t know who in the hell Greg Stiemsma is (he balled at Wisconsin and looks like a poor man’s Bobby Sura), we do know that he is our latest “Dunkbait of the Year” nominee, after getting sharting on by the legend that is John Wall.

Despite getting posterized, Stiemsma had a solid game, dropping a career-high 13 points to go along with 7 rebounds, but unfortunately the only thing that Stiemsma is going to get remembered for from this game,  is getting sharted on.

It’s kind of like that analogy about how a guy can build a thousand bridges, but if he slurps one meat then he’s going to be known as a “meat slurper.” Getting banged on and Top 10’d is sure to stick around like some dingleberries on Thanksgiving.

With Stiemsma alma mater getting handled by Oregon in the 2012 Rose Bowl, apparently it’s boo boo on a badger day.

Somebody please send an extra-large towel out to Boston so dude can wipe John Wall’s dirt stains off his grill.


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