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In the Face Jajaja NBA Swag Video

In The Face: Jeff Green Feeds Al Jefferson Some Chocolate Dookie Butter(s)

Dunk Score: 10


After spending last year’s lockout-shortened season at the crib with a janky heartbeat (aka that Eddie Kane), Celtics forward Jeff Green decided to release some of the frustrations on Jazz (and former Celtic) big man Al Jefferson — feeding him a heaping helping of that chocolate dookie butter.

Late in the game with the Celtics holding a slim lead, Green caught a pass on the far baseline, made a quick jab step (ball wasn’t even in his hands when he started) to evade a defender, drove to the cup with some extreme hostility and proceeded to make Al Jefferson dunkbait.

You’d have to imagine that Jefferson was fairly humiliated  by the event and probably at a level similar to Snoop when got released from the pen on a hot sunny day only to find out that his main boo was tricking on him, proceeding to kick in her door and discover his little cousin smashing cheeks.


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