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In the Face NBA Swag Video

In The Face: JaVale McGee Catches Lob From James Harden And Dunks On A Dude’s Life

Dunk Score: 9.8


Wizards big man JaVale McGee is already higher than a giraffe’s azz when standing upright. Coupled with his solid boost, and wings that span more magnificientlies than a BBW, the 7-footer  has a major advantage when attacking the rim.

McGee put that advantage to good use recently during a game at the Drew League out here in Los Angeles, catching a nice lob from Thunder guard James Harden and getting off a two-hander in the grill of an unfortunate victim.

You got to love how crazy the crowd goes following the dunk, one of the more legendary aspects of the local summer pro league circuit nostalgia. That ain’t nothing but some of that human nature.

If something ridiculous happens during the game, fans are not only alllowed to run on the court and momentarily stop the action, it’s pretty much encouraged.

Even the dude who got skeeted all over had to crack a smile, whilst McGee gave the stern “Negro please, you work for UPS” face, walking something like Deebo after he took Red’s chain.

What chain?

Another angle of McGee two-handed lob facial after the jump…


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