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High School In the Face Questionable Call Swag Video

In The Face: High Schooler Does The Vince Carter (Jumps Over Dude For Dunk)

Dunk Score: 10

“If he didn’t get laid that night he never will.” – Legendary Youtube Commenter


Now what we have right here is high school phenom Jordan Green out of Texas, doing his best impersonation of Vince Carter’s legendary dunk from the 2004 Olympics, when he jumped over a French 7-footer by the name of Frederic Weis and dunked all over his life.

Green, who is currently committed to Texas A&M, took it to another level in the final game of his high school career, and arguably has one of the greatest documented dunks in high school history.

Unfortunately the dude that Green dunked on (and all of his friends and family) now have a video that can watch anytime they want to feel some shame and humiliation.


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