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In the Face NBA NCAA Basketball Swag Video

In The Face: High Point’s Shay Shine Gets His On + Hakim Warrick Gives Yi A Facial

Dunk Score: 9.9


High Point guard Shay Shine gained some more groupies over the weekend after getting #1 on Sportscenter’s Top 10 for this demoralizing facial on some square (who shall remain nameless) from UNC Asheville during a game Saturday night.

Much like his school’s namesake, Shine reached a high point on this one, going double shitz to chestie and causing extreme embarrassment for the dude that got dunked on and his immediate family.

Somebody please send an extra-large towel to UNCA so that dude can properly wipe the dookie from his grill.

A few solid facials from the NBA this past weekend after the jump…

Dunk Score: 9.8

Hakim Warrick defecating on Yi like he’s a toilet bowl.

Dunk Score: 9.5

Amir Johnson dunks on Amar’e Stoudemire and certified dunkbait Timofey Mozgov


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