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In The Face: Gerald Henderson Flushes All Over Dwight Howard’s Life

Dunk Score: 9.8


Bobcats guard Gerald Henderson came through with one of the sickest dunks of the season and simultaneously entered Dwight Howard’s name into content for Dunkbait of the Year after this flush all over D12’s life during a game Tuesday night.

When Howard was traded to the Lakers before the start of the season, fans were already crowning the squad and ready to start making parade arrangements, but it appears all that pomp and circumstance was a little premature as the Lake Show has looked more like the Fake Show this season.

In addition to this devastating facial, Howard has also been served by the LA Kings mascot Bailey in a shooting contest and clowned by former Laker legend Shaquille O’Neal, who had to remind Howard that they can’t be compared until D12 manages to win at least one ring.

Somebody please send an oversized towel to Staples Center so that Howard can wipe Henderson’s skeet off of his grill.


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