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In the Face NBA Video

In The Face: Gerald Green Catches Alley Oop on Kenneth Faried

Gerald Green Dunks on Kenneth Faried

Dunk Score: 9.9


In the wake of one of the wackest dunk contests in NBA All-Star history, Suns guard Gerald Green decided to vent his frustrations in a game against the Nuggets on Tuesday, catching this alley oop from Goran Dragic and proceeding to finish with a two-handed yam on  Kenneth Faried’s dome.

After the dunk, Green proceeded to add some injury to the insult, as he landed on top of Faried and big bodied him, sending Faried crashing to the ground with what appeared to be a knee to his dome.

Why in the fuck wasn’t Gerald Green in the dunk contest this year????

[via @SmoothsHoops]


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