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High School In the Face Swag Video

In The Face: Florida High Schooler Dante Buford Catches Reverse Alley Oop in Dude’s Grill

Dunk Score: 10


Arlington Country Day’s (Jacksonville, FL) Dante Buford may only be a junior in high school, but dude came through with one of your sicker dunks, catching a lob whilst reversing in mid-air and banging all over a defender’s life.

After getting a solid blindside screen on the bottom right defender in a 2-3 zone Buford got a clear line to the hoop and ran down the baseline and proceeded to show some solid hand-eye coordination whilst turning his back to the basket.

Buford also came through with a ridiculous windmill tip jam later in the game, showing major boosties that will likely have a few college scouts, and potential main/side boos, trying to see what’s really good.


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