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In the Face Jajaja NBA Swag Video

In The Face: Enes Kanter Shows He’s No Jive Turkey With Baseline Reverse in Aldrich’s Grill

Dunk Score: 9.5


Utah Jazz center Enes Kanter proved that he’s no jive Turkey (which it has never been cool to be, especially so close to Thanksgiving) after catching Thunder big man Cole Aldrich slipping and going with the baseline reverse dunk all up in his Kool-Aid.

Kanter caught the ball on the low post, made the nice sweep towards the baseline before taking a few dribbles and delivering the demoralizing facial.

Although 7-footer on 7-footer dunks usually aren’t that impressive, Kanter’s reaction post dunk were legendary, including the now infamous bull’s eye hand gesture at the Jazz bench.


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