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In the Face NBA Swag Video

In The Face: Dwyane Wade Gets Okie Doke’d And Suffers Vicious Facial By Taj Gibson

Dunk Score: 10


Taj Gibson gave Chicago native Dwyane Wade an unwanted welcome home present during Game 1 of Eastern Conference Finals, in the form of a demoralizing facial that surely humiliated not only Wade, but his teammates, friends and family.

The posterization wasn’t really Wade’s fault though, as he got caught in one of those okie doke type situations and had no choice but to try and jump with Gibson, who had the benefit of a running start and a 5-inch height advantage.

The dunk looked eerily similar to what Dwyane Wade caught Cavs forward Anderson Varejao with back in 2009, but naturally a little man getting a big man (hell yeah!) is a lot worse(r) than a big man banging on a little guy.


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